Bshara Nassar

Headshot (1)Mr. Nassar earned his undergraduate degree from Bethlehem University (Palestine) in Information Technology and Business Administration in 2010. He earned his Master’s Degree in Conflict Transformation from Eastern Mennonite University (Harrisonburg, VA) in 2014. As the fourth generation of the Nassar family, Mr. Nassar was deeply involved in his family’s educational farm, Tent of Nations, including education, communication and social media.

He has played an integral role in educating international visitors about Palestinian rights and livelihoods. He has spoken publicly on these topics in diverse forums, including the French Embassy, John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, and a number of universities and conferences around the country. In 2014, he founded the Museum of the Palestinian People, where he developed the concept, worked with artists, curated artwork and exhibits, coordinated the setup of the exhibits in locations across the country, and raised funds. He is deeply passionate about technology, storytelling and entrepreneurship. Mr. Nassar is “a people person” who enjoys biking in Washington DC and meeting people from all over the world.